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The Frog.Finance token is built on two central concepts. First, that every transaction burns a portion of the supply, and second, that every transaction reflects some of the transaction back to holders. Our token employs a 1% burn and 1% reflection because we believe that pushing those numbers further unnecessarily detracts from the usability of the token.


Locked Liquidity!

The initial liquidity supplied by the developers of Frog.Finance was locked for a year at launch, granting peace of mind to our investors that their funds are safe.

Fair Launch

The entire non-burned initial supply was provided as liquidity to PancakeSwap, which means that no tokens were saved for the team. The tokens in the community wallet, viewable here, were purchased at launch from PancakeSwap.

Fair Launch

Yield Farming

Put your Frog to work for you! Our team has implemented one of the most advanced yield farming strategies on the market to ensure long-term viability and profit! Simply supply liquidity to PancakeSwap in order to recieve LP tokens, then stake them for even greater returns!
Check out the farming section here!


  1. Launch

    Our contract was deployed, the trading pair on PancakeSwap was created, and the initial liquidity was locked.

  2. Initial Marketing

    We established our media presence, grew our communities, and prepared for widespread marketing.

  3. Charity Partnership

    We established a partnership with the charity, SAVE THE FROGS!

  4. Farming

    Yield farming goes live, allowing our liquidity providers to make even greater gains!

  5. Exchange Listing

    Frog.Finance gets listed for the first time on a centralized exchange.

  6. Audit

    Our project gets audited by a top ranking audit firm, and Frog.Finance gets certified as being safe.

  7. Frog NFTs Launch

    Series 0 of our NFTs is released

  8. NFT Marketplace Launch

    We launch our first version of an NFT marketplace, where Froglers can buy, sell, and trade their NFTs!

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The Team

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"The Body"

As the Jack-Of-All-Trades developer of Frog Finance, Chad fills in where he’s needed to bridge gaps and finish projects that need touching up within the Frog Finance ecosystem. He’s the main executor of the project, and spends his time developing and managing various aspects of it.

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"The Voice"

Pr0m3th3on is the head community manager for the Frog Finance project, and as such, manages our various communities. While he spends the majority of his moderation time in the discord, he also regularly checks the Telegram channel, Twitter page, and Reddit.

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"The Brain"

If Chad is the body of Frog Finance, and Pr0m3th3on is the voice, then Cecrops is definitely the brains of the operation. As the main dev, he’s been integral in the development of our smart contracts.

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